Edward Mayhew
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Lake Orion, Michigan 48362
United States
This is a campus activist.
I've been awoken the past few years to the real pureness activism has as a legitimate form of grassroots lobbying. Being well traveled in many considered "3rd world" or "backward" places (including the US), I feel there are real tangable problems with the general populace of the globe, and living in this "anything possible" land gives us a certain obligation to help those suffering because of oppression. By means of intellectual debate, we need to push the deepest ideas of justice philosophy to the many unevolved minds that take so much for granted. I'm not sure if I belong in any one category as a label of activist type, but consider myself an openminded internationalist, middle-class devloped, studdering pasifist (since there are exceptions, though to consider just war theory only gives partial-legitimacy to superpowers by considered "intelligible-justification") a participant observer, and individually enlightened.
Added on 02-10-2004
Updated on 02-10-2004

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