Tyler Claxton
Both Address

Los Angeles, California 90007
United States
This is a campus activist.
Student at USC, looking to be active. Trying hard to escape the whole social construct that is USC. We need more students with fight, those that want to question what we are given, and fight for more. Those that don't take shit sitting down. I am that student, and I want to be involved with you if you are interested in the like. Don't settle, fight against that which is unjust.
Added on 02-12-2004
Updated on 05-28-2004

July 3, 2010 -- US v. Steele Smith

US v. Steele Smith is the first Federal Marijuana case allowing prop 215 (medical) testimony. This could change Federal Cannabis law. COME TO THE RALLY JULY 27 Please click "Like" on the US v. Steele Smith page: http://www.facebook.com/SteelesCase