Jack Comstock
Permanent Address

Louisville, Kentucky 40215
United States
My name is Jack. I'm a constant artist. I love everyone & everything. People are waking up...by beginning to question conventional wisdom we are becoming aware of our own evolution. Do not be afraid...we have nothing to lose but our chains...we have a whole world to gain. - Marx & Me
General Interests: Peace, Love, and Anarchy, freedom, Books, music,,drugs, partying, dreaming,philosophy and conspiracy's
Favorite Books: The Kybalion, 1984, The Bhagavad Gita , Animal Farm,Communist Manifesto, and anything by chomsky
Occupation: activist
Networking Goals: My goal is to meet and organize with other people that want to make the world better.
Added on 02-21-2010
Updated on 02-22-2010

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