Brandon Farmer
Permanent Address

Swisshome, Oregon 97480
United States
My main focus is sustainable communication. Currently I am forming a movement to bring about an end to the unsustainable practices of the modern compulsory education system that has clearly turned into an industry bent on the failing efficiency of human standardization instead of nurturing the diverse abilities of the individual in order to maximize their personal capacity to live and contribute to their community.
General Interests: Thinking, solving problems, working for the community, playing music, cooking, farming, life.

Restroom Laws - An open letter to the people required by the law to attend school:
Favorite Books: The Celestine Prophecy - by James Redfield
The Tenth Insight - by James Redfield
The No Work Garden - by Bob Flowerdew
The General and Special Theories of Relativity - by Albert Einstein
Political Views: Many of the individual problems that politics are tackling can be more effectively solved by focusing on the underlying issue of communication, the basic tool we all use to resolve conflicts.
Occupation: Activism for sustainable communication
Networking Goals: I want to meet people who are interested in my activism projects, as well as people with similar projects. I would like to collaborate on ideas and get connected with various networks of people. Also, I am looking for funding.
Added on 04-20-2010
Updated on 04-21-2010

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