Denny Weston
Permanent Address

3400 HIll Ave. Apt. 1207, Montana 59701
United States
I am orginally from Portland, ME. I have a Bachelors Degree in interpersonal communication with a minor in Philosophy from the University of Kentucky. I also have a Masters degree in Public Administration with a focus in community development from Eastern Kentucky University. I currently work in Butte, MT as an AmeriCorps Vista doing environmental work. After my year of service I hope to move out to the West Coast and eventually join Peace Corps.
General Interests: I love the outdoors. I spend much of my time backcountry camping and hiking. I also love to discuss philosophical issues and issues regarding religion. I love tennis and cycling as well.
Occupation: AmeriCorps Vista
Added on 09-27-2010
Updated on 09-27-2010

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