Angelo Haynes
Both Address

Fortuna, California 95540
United States
This is a campus activist.
Hey, my name's Angelo and I'm a member of the California Conservation Corps in Humboldt county. I'm basically the "green guru" on campus being elected to the advisory board as green chair three times and don't plan on stopping. I coordinate the recycling program, am the caretaker of the center garden, and continually work with lead staff to develop a culture of better conservation for our center and organization. Next year we plan on installing solar panels, as well as getting an energy audit to determine what retrofits for conservation measures would be best. I'm originally from San Diego, CA and am a die-hard environmentalist and struggle against a tide of indifference, apathy, beaura
General Interests: hiking, martial arts, yoga, photography, swimming, writing, running, Rugby, Native-American studies, Marine Biology, food justice, environmental science, permaculture
Favorite Music: Rock, jazz, any thing didgeridoo, djembes, cross pulse, hip-hop, fusion,
Favorite Books: Cradle-to-Cradle, How to grow more vegetables, Second Nature, The Botany of desire, the watchmen, the Things they Carried, Lord of the Rings
Political Views: What ever views promote the well being of the people and the environment.
Occupation: State Contracted Employee
Networking Goals: To congregate with like minded people in order to generate inspiration, powerful ideas and create fulfilling, long lasting friend and partnerships kindled through the empathy of mutual passions.
Added on 12-25-2010
Updated on 12-25-2010

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