Aaron Easterling
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Angie, Louisiana 70426
United States
Hi, I'm Aaron. I'm a 17 year old gay male. I live in a very small town called angie, Louisiana. As expected the town I'm from and the surrounding towns aren't very open to gay or lesbian individuals. I am moving to Lafayette, LA in August for school and in hopes to find a more acceptable community. (Some info probably doesn't make sense I'm half asleep and I'm sure I missed lots of points)
General Interests: I am absolutely obsessed with music. I love Gaga. I hang out with friends in my spare time. Many more that I can't think of at the moment.
Favorite Music: Gaga. Katy Perry. ADELE. Bruce Springstein. Rihanna. Norah Jones. Patsy Cline. James Morrison. Jessie J. Fergie. Sugarland. Lots more. Hope I can finish later.
Occupation: Student
Added on 04-13-2011
Updated on 04-13-2011

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