Tom Neilson
Permanent Address

Greenfield, Massachusetts 01301
United States
Award-winning Folk Singer songwriter; 12 CDs, music in 7 documentaries; political satire and social commentary with numerous songs about nukes, coal, fracking, water privatization, food, globalization, history; sing about people's stories
General Interests: hiking, camping, writing, coaching, playing ball,organizing, speaking truth to power
Favorite Music: Folk music, political satire, social commentary
Favorite Books: Luna; A People's History of Sports;
A People's History of the United States; Self-Reliance or Dependency in the Horn of Africa; are many
Political Views: Instant Runoff Voting; single payer health care; grow industrial hemp; End Military Commissions, Patriot Act, NAFTA; redirect 1/2 our budget to housing, health, education, non-polluting, energy; No bank bailouts; end subsidies for oil, biomass, tobacco; N
Occupation: musician
Networking Goals: I support activism and community organizing with my music while I simultaneously make enough money to live on. Do college programs/concerts on a number of social change issues; do a lot of fundraisers
Added on 06-02-2011
Updated on 06-07-2011

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