Demilitarization Guide for Youth and Students
The Nuclear Age Peace Foundation is pleased to announce the publication of “A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste: A Guide to the Demilitarization of America's Youth & Students." Also called the “Demil Guide” for short, this excellent resource was written and produced by and for youth and students.

"Militarization" may not be a concept you're familiar with, but after reading a few articles in this guide, you'll have a better understanding of it. While few people would argue that a country can survive unprotected, this glorification of the military ignores the fact that most positive change in the United States has come from people standing up to the government, big corporations, and other forms of organized violence and crime.

The Demil Guide included articles on military recruiting in high schools, universities of mass destruction, how to struggle against militarism, organizing tools and success stories.

To order copies in bulk, please contact the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation at (805) 965-3443 or send an email.
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