The International Free of Kings Conference

Starting Date: 05-18-2007
Starting Time: 10:00am

Olympia, Washington 98507
United States
This conference was named after the Free of Kings project. To learn more about the Free of Kings project please our website. The Mission of this Conference is:

-To network people from around the world who are working to create non-corporate social networking projects or non-corporate virtual community projects.


-To Create a Radical, Co-op (member-owned), opensource, Free Speech, Social Networking Website Which Would Be Better than Myspace, Youtube, Livejournal, and Indymedia... Combined.

As many long-term activists know, a project of such size and scale often becomes lost in a dreamworld.... and never actually becomes a reality.

Nevertheless, we are hoping to move from the talking stage to the reality stage by taking several goal-orientated steps. Perhaps, as it often is with most projects which become a reality, there is a need to sit down face-to-face to discuss the fine points of it with people from all over the world and to put into place the co-op structure... and then to begin a rough-draft or beta version of the project at the end of those discussions.

Please join us at our Conference. It is free of charge!

The conference offers free meals and free of charge admission.

To learn more about the conference,
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Geographical Scope: International

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