Think Outside the Bomb 2008 National Youth & Grassroots Conference on Nuclear Abolition

Starting Date: 08-14-2008
Starting Time: 9:00am
Ending Date: 08-17-2008

Massachusetts Institute Of Technology
Boston, Massachusetts 02139
United States
Join the Think Outside the Bomb network for four days of learning, sharing, and activism, August 14-17 at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston, MA. The conference will provide a backdrop for nuclear abolitionists, peace activists, ecologists, and other advocates of social justice and a livable planet to learn in-depth about the threat of nuclear weapons, the destruction caused by the nuclear fuel chain, and current political opportunities to move toward nuclear disarmament. To apply, visit Deadlines for applications are August 1 for those who need travel assistance, and August 8 for those who do not.

Think Outside the Bomb is unique: it is the only conference of it's kind that is fully organized and led by youth (roughly defined as under-29), and does more than educate students and young people on the issues surrounding nuclear weapons, waste, and power -- it places us in the forefront of the movement, making change happen! Like previous conferences, Think Outside the Bomb will provide food and transportation to and from the conference for all participants!

The 2008 National Conference in Boston, MA, will explore such interconnected themes as localized resistance to militarism and empire, supporting indigenous resistance to nuclear colonialism, and turning back the resurgence of “poisoned power” (nuclear energy). It will include workshops, panels, dialogues, and skills trainings to strengthen our analyses of the role of nuclear weapons in the global political order, empower ourselves with new tools for effective community organizing, and deepen our commitment to building a better world.

Speakers for this conference include Arjun Makhijani of IEER, Zia Mian from Princeton University, Joe Gerson, author of Empire and the Bomb, Subrata Ghoshroy, from MIT, Jackie Cabasso of the Western States Legal Foundation, and of course, youth activists representing various nuclear abolition organizations and communities from around the country.
Geographical Scope: National

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