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UK Universities, The Oil Industry, and Climate ChangeA report by Corporate Watch UK on how the oil industry uses UK universities to promote a dirty energy agenda. 36 pages.1254005-04-2004
Your Household Hazardous WasteFlyer on household chemicals and sustainable alternatives to use instead1253003-16-2005
Checklist for Consensus ProcessA checklist for the consensus process. By Randy Schutt.1252009-19-2003
Guide to Inclusive School ChangeA wide-reaching introduction to Meaningful Student Involvement, including a brief introduction, a description of the benefits to schools, several short stories of action, and useful assessment tools f1251005-31-2004
The Books Not Bombs AgendaYouth and students demand! Check it out...1249004-01-2005
Anti-Free Trade Poster - en EspaƱolBy Norma Maldonado.1249001-31-2007
Get Action AlertsBrochure to encourage others to subscribe to e-mail action alert lists to help the environment, animals, humans, etc.1248003-17-2005
Micah Sunday--Bible studies, activities, Sermons, and more oMicah Sunday is a day to get your church or campus fired up for social justice and the poor. Includes bible studies, liturgies, activities and the like to learn about, work toward, and pray for the 81248012-12-2006
Toward Collective Decision MakingTowards Collective Decision Making. By Prison Activist Resource Center.1247009-19-2003
BORDC Campus Organizing HandbookThis resources is specifically designed for student organizers seeeking to pass a student government resolution opposing provisions of the USA PATRIOT Act. The handbook includes suggestions for passin1245008-09-2004
Stop Border Deaths NowBy the Border Working Group. 2006. 12 pages.1245011-19-2006
Fair Trade Chocolate Action PacketA How-To Guide That Shows What You Can Do to Promote Fair Trade for Cocoa Farmers. By Global Exchange. 45 pages 20031245011-20-2007
U.S. as Fourth Reich?An analysis of why U.S. leaders are pursuing foreign policies that seem calculated to generate hostility against Americans around the world. There is a method in the madness.1244012-07-2002
What We're In For: Projected Economic Impact of the Next ReThis report uses the past three recessions of the early 1980s, early 1990s and early 2000s to project the effects of a recession in 2008. The report finds that such a recession would result in a signi1244001-30-2008
Nonviolence Workshop: Sample Agenda6 pages. By Randy Schutt.1242009-20-2003
How the FTAA Threatens Post-Secondary EducationThe FTAA will destroy public post-secondary education if it is fully implemented. How the fight for reduced tuition fees in our public system will beat back the commercialization of higher education.1240008-31-2004
The Case for Anarchist OrganisationIncludes the Case for Anarchist Organisation, Forms of Horizontal Organisation, and Anti-Mass: Methods of Organisation for Affinity Groups. 5 pages.1240011-12-2004
The Power of Place How historic sites can engage citizens iTactics analysis. By NewTactics.org1237001-22-2008
The FTAA and the SOA - side 11235012-04-2002
History of the War MachineEssay on the birth and growth of today's crisis.1235010-02-2005
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